Develop Your People With Us

We can help you get engaged employees, transform your leadership and create a team development programme for you.

Based in South-West London, Transform Potential is a collaboration of like-minded, same hearted development experts with a passion for enabling organisations to achieve better performance and get more engaged employees. We have extensive experience to transform your leadership development in a commercial international environment having worked with organisations from different sectors.

Engaged employees.  Transform your leadership.  Create a team development programme for you.

We are motivated by enabling better business performance through the use of coaching, consulting and facilitation with individuals and teams.  We enjoy working with organisations to create team development programmes and deliver a talent and leadership strategy which enables business growth and development.

  • We understand the theory and practice of how people develop and how great organisations develop great people to enable engaged employees.
  • Transform Potential have the capability and experience to transform your leadership at an Individual, Team and Organisation level.
  • Our work draws on the experience, skills and ability of our people and is informed by science, philosophy, psychology, business studies and neuroscience.
  • Our experience has been gained working within a range of organisations covering most industry sectors so we can create a team development programme for you.

We work with small numbers to get big impacts. We don’t train you, we facilitate your learning.

How we work

We take an approach that is supportive but also challenging. We believe that ultimately it’s not about what you know but about how you will behave differently.


All our content is developed utilising a 30/70 ratio:

30% of our content is generic, best practices. These are proven academically by some of the finest thought leaders or within the established practices of other great leading organisations or proven practice embedded throughout our work in the day to day challenges we meet with organisations. 70% of our content is created for your specific context.


All our solutions have an element of what WE do and what YOU do:

There's an element of from what WE bring, leveraging our experience and understanding to enable new insight. There's also an element of what YOU bring, allowing your experience and knowledge of the context that makes our learning be received well and embedded to enable sustainable change. Both these aspects need to be in place for the learning to be effective.

Our Offerings

Work is complicated enough, we try and simplify things. We believe that our role is to help people make sense of things and achieve greater clarity.

We believe in keeping our offerings clear, straightforward and focussed. We have a range of standard core offerings and a systematic

approach for developing non-standardised offerings.

Core Offerings

We focus on what we know has impact. We make sure organisations get a good return from their investment. We have a limited number of offerings because our experience and research shows these are the offerings which have the biggest impact and make a real difference.


Our pricing is as clear as our approach. We charge a day rate for development activities based on one facilitator and up to 8 people. If you want more people to attend, we add more facilitators. Where diagnostic tools are used these will incur additional charges to administer.

All our standard offerings can be personalised.

  • Diagnostic tools to understand current capability and raise awareness.
  • Action learning activities to embed sustained application.
  • Coaching to support personal action.
  • Follow-up communications to reiterate key concepts.
  • Specialised materials to embed personal action planning.

The right course at the right venue:

  • We take a flexible approach to venues so we can meet your specific needs.
  • We can run this programme at your own venue or at an external venue.
  • We work with a range of venue providers.
  • Venues can match your location, budget and expectations.
  • We can arrange a venue that will enhance your learning experience.

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Latest Offers

Increase the value of your investment

We are growing as a business and to accelerate our growth we have a range of offers that can help your business. We know there is pressure on the bottom line of every organisation and a need to show value on your investment.