About Us

Why Transform Potential

To Transform is to make an irreversible shift from one state to another.

Potential is about the possibility of what something might become.

We help organisations achieve their goals by developing their people

Transform Potential bring sustainable change in helping organisations become better.

We help you get engaged employees, transform your leadership and create team development programmes.

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We have extensive experience of leadership development in an international commercial environment having worked with organisations from numerous sectors and geographies.

Based in South-West London, Transform Potential is a collaboration of like-minded, same hearted development experts with a passion for enabling organisations to achieve better performance and get more engaged employees.

We have extensive experience of leadership development in a commercial international environment having worked with organisations from different sectors.

We are motivated by enabling better business performance through coaching, consulting and facilitation with individuals and teams.  We enjoy working with organisations to develop and deliver a talent and leadership strategy which enables business growth and development.

All of our people understand the theory and practice of how people develop and how great organisations develop great people.

Transform Potential consistently develop people to achieve more and enable sustained change.

Our work draws on our experience, skills and learning and is informed by many fields of research.

Our experience is gained working with organisations covering various sectors and geographies.

How we Work

We help you get engaged employees, transform your leadership and create a team development programme that’s right for you.

Our work is focused on enabling you to transform your leadership and become better at key aspects of their work so you have engaged employees.  We look at transforming what people believe,  how they think and how they relate with complex systems.

We take an approach that is supportive but also challenging to create a team development programme for you.  We believe that ultimately it’s not about what you know but about how you behave differently.

All our content is created on a 30/70 ratio:

30% of our content is generic, best practices. These are proven academically, recognised by leading organisations and embedded throughout our work in the challenges we meet.

70% of our content is tailored specific to your context and needs. Every situation is unique and specific and our solutions are adapted to ensure they help you meet your challenges.

All our solutions have an element of what WE do and what YOU do:

There's an element from what WE bring, leveraging our experience and understanding to enable new insight. There's also an element of what YOU bring, your understanding, your context to enable sustainable change.

Current and Previous Clients